Osaka-based American artist DAAS was involved in a special art project for the Takutsuki City Council last Sunday. He created a “Color by Numbers” canvas and encouraged passersby to select a number from a box and then paint the corresponding number grid on the canvas. The result is quite cool. It’s legitimately a DAAS piece (the geometric style) that is also a unique collaboration with the community. All pics are mine, of course, *Except – the final pic showing the final piece (looks great!) is from DAAS’ Facebook page. *Also important to note is the exceptional gray grid on the canvas ~ that was my contribution. The art world is welcome. :-)

I asked DAAS why he chose the bird-piece, “Migration.” He said:

This design was originally part of a larger one done for a mural in Toride (near Tokyo) which did not get accepted. It was supposed to go on a highway overpass and thus inspired by travel and movement, hence the title “Migration.” When I was asked to do a mural for Takatsuki station, I immediately went to that previous design and reworked it a bit. It’s a painting that I have been wanting to do for almost a year now and finally got the chance.

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16nov14. Takatsuki, Osaka, Japan.


a row of statues depicting Jizo, a popular Bodhisattva that looks after children, travelers, and the souls of the dead. Visitors make offerings and throw water at the statues, known as Mizumuke Jizo (Water Covered Jizo) to pray for departed family members. (
koya 132 koya 134 koya 135 koya 136 koya 137 koya 138 koya 139 koya 140 koya 141 koya 142 koya 143 koya 144 koya 14511nov14. Koyasan, Japan.